DIGITAL PRE-PRESS, RARE BOOK STUDIO​ (a unit of JIPL) is a one-stop-shop for everything you will ever need to create your book or ebook. Yes, you read it right. Everything.

Why would you need us?

You are an author and you are ready with the written manuscript of your book; now you want your manuscript to be made ready for publishing as a world-class published book.


You are in the business of books (i.e. you are a Publisher) and want to create some Textbooks, Reference Books or Guidebooks. You need a reliable house to serve you the complete print-ready Books.

The three major facilities provided by us are:

We are capable of managing the entire life-cycle of content publishing in English or any other regional language, starting from content, layout design, pagination, editing, image editing, proof-reading and designing the book cover, While you can rely on our expertise and experience, you get complete peace of mind, delivered at your desk.


Our deep experience and widespread knowledge in various modern printing technologies enable us to deliver high volumes at optimum cost to you, with the usage of all the latest technologies. We work with a wide variety of papers and provide hybrid printing solutions to you, to help you achieve the best balance between high quality and optimised cost of production, within your deadline.

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Have you already published your book and need help to make it famous and selling like hot cakes? You can talk to us.

We also cater to your Post-Press marketing & publicity needs, which can include planning & arranging a Gala Book Launch Event at your preferred city, a magnetic Video Book Trailer for your book, a personalized website dedicated to your book, Book Reviews, SMO, an efficient brick-and-mortar marketing & distribution plan to set your book flying off the shelves.


We have acclaimed expertise of Digitizing, Restoring, Archiving, Indexing, Reprinting rare/old/out-of-print paper artefacts e.g. old/rare out-of-print books, etc. Our experts have indigenously developed techniques for preserving the original layout and formatting, while giving a new leash of digital life to the rare publication that may be out-of-print for several decades!

We also cater to translation of published books, documents, booklets or user manuals.

Experience, professionalism, personal attention and novelty are JIPL’s potentials. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our presentation and services. Our charges are competitive and reasonable. For us, a long term strategic relationships with you is way more valuable than a single good deal