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The JIPL Group (registered in India as JÑĀNĀLOK Infotech Pvt Ltd., under The Companies Act 1956) is a broad-spectrum Professional Services and Knowledge-Process company. Our specialist teams drive competitive advantage for our Customers with innovative solutions deeply rooted in cutting-edge technology and original out-of-the box thinking. JIPL has diverse service offerings in various business verticals. JIPL creates and maintains mutually beneficial long-standing relationships with personal, business, institutional, national and international customers and clients. On the customer side, it must, of course meet the specific needs as JIPL aims to exceed expectations. That, in turn, requires that we make the time and focus towards customer brief. Thus, JIPL can ensure the right kind of creative solutions required to enable well-informed customer choices for long term or short term goals. Lastly, JIPL offers the best value and delivers the intended, consistent client service. A level of service that has helped build the JIPL reputation, one in which we take much pride. Our innovative services & product ideas are on offer for discerning clients. JIPL’s value-driven ideas continue to direct growth and business of the JIPL group including associate organizations with measurable competitive advantage.


Our team

Business Verticals

Digital Pre-Pres
Rare book studio

Pre-Press.in (a unit of JIPL) is a one-stop-shop for everything you will ever need to create your books or ebooks. We offer a plethora of uniquely knit-together B2B services to assist you in all the minor nuances that go a long way in making a book a success story. We are experts of managing the entire life-cycle of content publishing in English or any other regional language, starting from content, layout design, pagination, editing, image editing, proof-reading and designing the book cover.

Publishing: Books,
Audiobooks, eBooks & Music

Development & Publication of high-quality content in the form of Books, AudioBooks and eBooks has always been a niche area, where JIPL’s dedicated and talented team has exhibited excellence over the years. Today, JIPL has a bright presence in the Print & Digital Media Publishing marketplace with the following 3 publishing brands: Purushottam Publishers, Orange Publishers and Osunoh.

Assessment Process,
Scanning & Data Analytics

IntelloData (a unit of JIPL) is India’s leading Assessment Process Automation & Data Management service provider. Working on mission-critical confidential projects for prestigious Government Organisations, Examination Boards, Universities & Institutions with a pan-India coverage, our team of hard-core professionals bring to you more than six decades of in-depth cumulative experience in managing, processing, reporting and printing/publishing high volumes of sensitive data.

Media, Art and
Digital Content

JIPL brings to you knowledge-rich, global award-winning expertise in Digital Media content development. At GetBestWriters.com (a unit of JIPL) we ghost-write or co-write just about anything; starting from your book (fiction / non-fiction), memoir/biography, blog, web-content, Ad, sales page, press release, product manual – all under the same roof. Screen-Script-Writers.com (a unit of JIPL) are experts who work with you on a Screenplay, a Television script, rewriting that screenplay and polishing another Screenplays or feature film script. At Best-Comic-Artists.com (a unit of JIPL) we have a bunch of really talented artists for taking care of your storyboarding, character development and graphic novel creation.

Ecommerce &
B2B, B2C

While almost all JIPL Business Verticals are primarily service-oriented, our interest in online Retail has been necessitated by the Publishing wings of JIPL, that continue to produce a wide range of Books, eBooks, AudioBooks and Music of various genre and markets. Purushottam Bookstore (a unit of JIPL) is a modern technology-driven retail platform reaching out globally to our esteemed clientele with our printed and digital media publications

Business Software Solutions &
Academic Process Automation

We bring to you a broad variety of Academic Process Automation Software, including our flagship SmarTest® Online Assessment Platform, our Online Audio-Visual Classroom with recording (for Colleges, Schools or Private Tutors), Online School Management Software including a comprehensive set of features e.g. Fees collection, AI-based Routine Management, Teacher Performance & Appraisal, Payroll, Library Management, Attendance, Student performance analytics and a lot more.


Ghostwriting | Co-Writing | Blog Article Writing | SEO Writing | Comic Script writing | Screenplay Writing | Fiction Writing | Non-Fiction Writing If you are struggling to find a ghostwriter, scriptwriter, copywriter or writers for your webcontent or SEO, or a reliable SEO service, or even a talented bunch of comic artists, you have just landed at the right place! At GetBestWriters.com we ghostwrite or co-write just about anything! Here, you can find a ghostwriter / co-writer for your book (fiction / non-fiction), memoir/biography, blog, site, ad, sales page, press release, product manual – all under the same roof.

Purushottam-Bookstore.com: Retail & ECommerce

While almost all JIPL Business Verticals are primarily service-oriented, our interest in online Retail has been necessitated by the Publishing Wing of the JIPL Group. Our publishing wings (namely, Purushottam Publishers, Orange Publishers and Balafon Music) continue to produce a wide range of Books, eBooks, AudioBooks and Music of various genre and markets. Purushottam Bookstore is a retail platform which was originally conceived with the objective of catering to the world market, directly reaching out to our esteemed clientele with our printed and digital media publications.

Orange Publishers – publishing your dream!

Orange Publishers is India’s Best Custom-Publishing Company: Ranked #1 by Google & Bing since 2019. ORANGE is the culmination of efforts of a talented group of seasoned professionals in the publishing & printing industry, who has “been there & done that”, with more than five decades of experience at your service. We possess expertise in turning your manuscript into a marketable and presentable book. You have full control, get wide distribution. Be a published author. Welcome to Orange Publishers, a pioneer self-publishing house based in India and operating globally.

Purushottam Publishers

Purushottam Publishers is one of India’s prominent and reliable institutions for world-class publishing of Academic Research & Career Guidebooks, College & School Textbooks and General Books. Purushottam Publishers was set up in 2007, as an ambitiously-driven venture by a dynamic & versatile bunch of professionals who, having well over three decades of cumulative experience by that time, had not only gained hands-on understanding of the publishing industry in India, but were also continuously in-sync with the latest publishing trends worldwide. The infectious energy, drive and passion for excellence of our founders continuously inspires and motivates every team member and service providers working with us.


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What Our Clients Say

আমার প্রথম বই "হৃদয়মাঝারে" প্রকাশিত করেছি "Orange Publishers " এর মাধ্যমে, আমি সত্যিই খুশি যে Publishers আমাকে সব ধরণের সহযোগিতার হাত বাড়িয়ে দিয়েছে, এককথায় “Orange Publishers is really a fantastic publishers.

সুমন গুহ, India

আমি নির্ময় সরকার আর আমার প্রথম কাব্যসংকলন "ভোরের শিশির বিন্দু” প্রকাশিত হয় Orange Publishers থেকে। এক অভূতপূর্ব সহায়তা পেয়েছিলাম পাবলিশার্স এর কাছ থেকে । এক কথায় Orange Publishers (a unit of JIPL) অনবদ্য

নির্ময় সরকার (Author, India)

সাহিত্যিক সাহিত্য রচনা করেন, সেই রচনাকে মলাটবন্দী করে বই আকারে পাঠকের কাছে পৌঁছে দেন প্রকাশক। আমি সুস্মিতা, আমার এবং চৈতালী সেনগুপ্তর দ্বিভাষিক বই "কবিতা নয় কিছু দীর্ঘশ্বাস" (Ouiet Whispers of Our Heart) পাঠকের হাতে তুলে দিয়েছে অরেঞ্জ প্রকাশক সংস্থা (Orange Publishers - a unit of JIPL). এই সংস্থার কাজের প্রতি নিষ্ঠা, পেশাদারি মনোভাব এবং সর্বোপরি আন্তরিক ব্যবহারে আমি সত্যি অত্যন্ত খুশি হয়েছি। ভবিষ্যতে ওদের সঙ্গে আরও অনেক কাজ করার ইচ্ছে রইল।

Susmita (Author, India)

অরেঞ্জ পাবলিশার্স-এর অকুন্ঠ সহযােগিতায় আমি শ্রীমতী কমলা মহাপাত্র একজন কবি হিসাবে আত্মপ্রকাশ করতে পেরেছি ও আমার কবিতার বই "কবিতাঞ্জলি" সুষ্ঠ ভাবে প্রকাশ করতে পেরেছি। অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ অরেঞ্জ পাবলিশার্সকে।

শ্রীমতী কমলা মহাপাত্র , India.

I must thank and congratulate you on the good work that we as a team have done for Bringing out JoySutra, in time and as a good product, in totality.

Deepak Ranjan , India