Why more Book Publishers are looking for world-class Content Developers


Content developers are basically involved in creating, developing and editing the content of various activities that is related to online marketing and also web-development.  A web content developer creates the original content for websites, newsletters, press releases, blogs, articles and importantly, the advertising and marketing materials based on the requirements of the client.  They often use their skills and knowledge in software and programming as well as web-based technology for creating and updating content for websites.

However, based on the requirement of the client – which might be an individual or an organization – the content developer, aside from creating new content, also might have to rewrite the existing content or edit and proofread the content. The developer might be responsible for managing the content of social media as well, and also be able to develop unique ideas for web content. The content should ideally be simple, easy to understand and user friendly; the content develop has to understand the objectives of the client and employ good search engine optimization techniques to achieve this. Experienced team of content writers and developers is an asset to the client with their handling of educational, medical, product-related, and art-related and various other subjects.

When thinking of the publishing industry, the first thing in mind may not always be business development. However, in the present scenario of digitalization and start-ups, business development is a crucial part of the publishing arena. What is ‘business development’ anyway? It is nothing but creation and maintaining relationships with vendors and potential partners, as well as finding new streams of revenue. Pitching the business to new clients and maintaining the sale and marketing channels are come under the purview of business development. As with any other business, publishers too need to think outside the traditional business models and in order to create a new spark of idea that will keep them competitive and on the edge. Reliable content developers are crucial to that role.  They can develop the spark of idea and turn it into a sales and marketing tool to carry the publishing business forward. It is not that the traditional publishing methods are incapable of doing that, but in the age of digital publishing, e-books and such, the goal has changed and sales are less about units and more about creating an efficient workflow, testing new concepts and formats and locking in promotions.  More and more publishers are turning into e-publishing now; even 10 years ago it was futuristic but now at least 20/30% of the publishing revenue comes that way.  In order to tap the fast growing e-market of publishing, content developers are absolutely a must for the publishers of the recent age.